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Frustrated Mother of Twins
Starts Drinking This Unusual
Chocolate Breakfast and
You Won’t Believe How Much
Weight She Loses

Tara before & after results.

She melted 62 pounds in a year without endlessly
depriving herself, without feeling exhausted, and
without counting every calorie. Discover the secret below…

Coffee. Coffee.
Tara before & after results.

With this delicious and surprising secret to enjoying chocolate every day, it’s now possible to:

  • Kill your occasional cravings so you barely even think about dieting *
  • Ramp up your energy without jitters or crash*
  • Activate your metabolism so your body is virtually forced to burn fat… including stubborn fat… for energy *
  • Revitalize your body so you feel younger *

“Oh my God,”
Tara shouted as she tried
to blink away her tears

Days before her birthday dinner, she had made an appointment for a tanning bed.

Since having twins and staying in her house during the pandemic, she’d gained 70 pounds of extra weight.

Even though she felt so sad about how much heavier she was…

Tara wanted to look nice for her 37th birthday.

But in the tanning room… before her special celebration… she was hit with something so painful that it changed her life.

Tara was bending over and doing something on her phone when the camera flashed on…

… and she was forced to catch a glimpse of her overweight body.

For two years, Tara had avoided mirrors. But when she saw her 70 extra pounds on her phone’s screen…

She gasped in horror.

Alone in that room, she was face to face with herself… and she felt more than just crushing sadness…

She was ashamed with what she’d become.

But then she made a brave decision that changed her life…

She took a hold of her phone and, instead of staring at the screen in horror, she blinked back her tears and took a photo of herself in the mirror.

Tara vowed that this photo would mark her new beginning…

… and soon she’d take another photo when she had the slim, healthy body she knew she deserved to have.

Then she began her journey…

Tara started moving her body. She ate healthier…

… and she started losing weight.

But you know how this story usually goes
because I’m sure you’ve lived it yourself…

You know what happens.

After giving up your favorite foods and forcing yourself to eat less, you lose a few pounds… and then you get stuck.

No matter what you try, your weight won’t budge.

When you finally give yourself a little indulgence, like a dessert you love, all the weight piles right back on your body.

You feel exhausted…


… and you lose hope.

But Tara’s story
ended differently…

Slim waist.

… because she added a special secret to her daily routine…

A secret that helped silence her cravings and increase her energy and support fat burning.*

Less than a year later… just in time for her next birthday… Tara screamed again… but this time she screamed in delight.

“Oh my God! My waist fits this now! My thighs fit this now!”

She had pulled on an old pair of shorts… that she could never get past her thighs…

… and discovered her thighs, butt, and waist had slimmed so much, the shorts were practically falling off of her!

In less than a year…

She had lost 62 pounds...

Client Tara.

Here she is, first from that awful yet inspiring day at the tanning room, and then 62 pounds lighter:

(And, yes, that’s Tara’s IG handle – you can check her out and see she’s a real person!)

Now, Tara's results may seem extreme... and they are amazing. But you should remember that she lost her weight the healthy way and took a full year.

When you treat your body right and nourish and move your body, you can expect to lose roughly one pound per week. And, as you can see from the photos above... this can be life-changing!

And, as you probably know, anyone promising more than a pound of weight loss per week is out to scam you. It’s sad but true.

That said, Tara did lose 62 pounds…

She achieved this astonishing transformation without endlessly depriving herself…

Without exhausting herself…

… and without neglecting her sweet tooth.

Even more surprising is how she did this while raising twin 4-year-olds, with no energy, and hurting joints from her weight.

You’re about to discover the unusual secret of how Tara lost 62 pounds…

How she went from sad, ashamed to be seen outside, constantly out of breath…

… to happy and grateful, enjoying more than enough energy to chase around her wonderful, rambunctious children, and feeling like a 25-year-old again.

And Tara isn’t the only person who’s transformed her body…

I’ll tell you how this secret changed my life, too. First, let me introduce myself.

My name is Danette May…

Danette May.
Danette May.

I live in a little mountain town outside of Denver, Colorado with my amazing husband. One of our daughters lives with us and the older one just started college.

I’ve been a fitness trainer for almost 20 years. I’ve published two books and I’m honored to say my work has been featured on NBC, Access Hollywood Live, Us Magazine, and many more publications.

While I’m grateful for the success, I’m more passionate about the success of the women who hear my message… like Tara.

Logos. Logos.

You see, I’ve been helping thousands of women transform their lives…

Achieving the healthy, slim figure they’ve always wanted…

… and I’ve written this special message to you to let you in on one of my biggest secrets. It’s exactly what Tara used to help transform her body and her life.

And I’ve been using it too…

This secret helped me tighten and tone my body
so much, people tell me that I look 20 - sometimes even 30 years younger than I really am…

Chocolate mocha.

And my sex life with my husband has never felt so passionate.

I discovered this secret during a ritual in an isolated village in Costa Rica, on the top of a mountain trail…

A secret that can help curb your cravings and turbocharge your fat-burning metabolism, all while satisfying your occasional cravings for sugar.*

The most surprising part?

The secret Tara uses…

… and the secret I use is in this mug of chocolate mocha…

This is a real photo of the drink I use every day to virtually command my body to burn fat for energy.*

This drink helps me fly through my day… providing me with steady energy to exercise… and makes me forget about unhealthy foods so I can easily eat foods that support my health.

It’s overflowing with rich, delicious chocolate.

In fact, it may look exactly like the sort of indulgence that would pack embarrassing fat onto your belly… and you might be thinking…

“There’s no way chocolate mocha could help support my fat burning…”
“It must be some bland, fat-free, sugar-free chocolate that makes my cravings worse…”
“Or it’s one of those keto drinks with a weird after-taste…”

But this chocolate mocha is none of those things.

It’s filled with REAL, delicious chocolate…

The kind of chocolate that’s so satisfying,
after you eat it, you feel like you just made love

  • Yet this special chocolate mocha does so much more. It also leaves me feeling confident and focused and…*
  • Programs my body right down to the cellular level to ignite the fat I eat for daily ENERGY.*
  • Instead of sticking to my body…

  • This chocolate helps you burn fat by unlocking the “hoarded fat” that’s been stuck to your body.*

In just a moment…

I’m going to expose a sneaky villain behind your slow metabolism and inability to lose weight…

… and how the diet industry has set you up to fail.

That’s right – the entire diet industry has fed you false information that’s sabotaged your success in losing weight - and may have actually made you fat!

It’s shameful. But once you know the truth, you’ll never have to endlessly deprive yourself again.

I’m going to expose the #1 fat loss mistake that women are making today.


Once you fix this simple mistake…

You can crank up your energy, rev up your metabolism…

… and more easily move your body and eat healthy to burn calories like crazy, and erase fat.*

Everything starts with this special chocolate, and I’m going to show you exactly how to take advantage of it. You can do it at home and it’s as easy as making hot chocolate.

No fancy equipment required.

You also won’t need to go to a coffee shop and spend $5 or more on a mocha that will just make you feel bloated and add to your body fat.

First, let me tell you
Tara’s story of how she lost 62 pounds
and transformed her life

One of her big secrets was this chocolate.

Tara’s story starts just like many women who are struggling to slim down.

She gave birth to beautiful baby twins and, two years later, Covid hit the world.

Stuck in her house, she spiraled into loneliness. The only time Tara went out was to take her kids through the Taco Bell drive through.

Day after day, she got up and went to a fast food drive through and got a huge breakfast meal and coffee with milk, extra caramel, extra whipping cream, extra everything.

She gained 70 pounds.

For three years, she couldn’t bear to even take pictures of herself with her children because she felt so sad about how she looked

Tara couldn’t even go up the steps in her house without getting winded. She tried to be a good mom but felt awful about how she laid around.

“Let’s just watch TV,” she always said.

Her feet hurt. When she woke up in the morning and put her feet on the ground, the bones in her feet hurt so bad that she could barely walk.

Her joints hurt. When she’d get up from the couch, she needed to push the back of the couch with her hands, and she ended up ripping the fabric.


In the summer of 2021, when Tara’s husband would say, “Let’s take the kids out! Let’s go to the zoo or the park or the aquarium,” she’d dread it because she’d have to walk around so much.

As her children grew up, she avoided being in pictures with them.

One day, Tara stepped on the scale and it hit 198.6 pounds. She said to herself, “Oh my God, you can’t hit 200 pounds.” (At 5’ 5” she knew 200 pounds was way too heavy for her frame.)


In the summer of 2021, when Tara’s husband would say, “Let’s take the kids out! Let’s go to the zoo or the park or the aquarium,” she’d dread it because she’d have to walk around so much.

As her children grew up, she avoided being in pictures with them.

One day, Tara stepped on the scale and it hit 198.6 pounds. She said to herself, “Oh my God, you can’t hit 200 pounds.” (At 5’ 5” she knew 200 pounds was way too heavy for her frame.)

Close to her 37th
Tara hit her
breaking point

Remember how the story started? You see, Tara decided to treat herself to a tanning salon, to prepare for her special birthday dinner.

In the tanning room, while bending over and doing something on her phone, the camera flashed on and she was forced to catch a glimpse of her body.

For two years before this fateful day, Tara had avoided mirrors. But when she saw her 70 extra pounds, bent over to get on the tanning bed, she gasped.

“Oh my God.”

She’d felt crushing sadness for so long… and now she felt horrified.

Alone in that room, she was face to face with herself… and she was ashamed of what she’d become

She was always out of breath.

Tara also feared for her health.

If she kept going down this path, would she die? How could she do that to her family?

That’s when she made a decision that changed her life. As she stood up, she said to herself,

“You know what? I’m done. I’m done doing this. I’m about to turn 37 and soon I’ll be 38.”
“By the time I’m 38, I’m going to be thin and happy.”

She took her first photo and began her journey.

Tara stopped eating three breakfast meals and sugar-filled coffee from the drive thru… started moving every day… and started to lose weight.

But soon she hit a snag. You see, Tara loved food.


She’d wake up ravishingly hungry and was always thinking, “What am I going to eat today?”

When her kids stressed her out, she’d eat.

She also had a major sweet tooth. After she ate anything salty, she craved something sweet. And, like millions of other women, Tara realized that she couldn’t deprive herself into getting thin.

She didn’t want to live on bland chicken and veggies only to gain all the weight back as soon as she ate food she actually enjoyed.

Instead, she wanted to eat in a healthy way that she could actually enjoy.

Chocolate cake.

That’s when fate brought her to this amazing chocolate.

Tara was scrolling on her phone, much like you might be doing now, and stumbled onto a message about this chocolate. She managed to get her hands on some.

When it arrived at her home and she had her first taste, she thought, “Oh my God, this is amazing!”

Instead of drinking the sugar-filled coffees, she started her day by making a drink from this chocolate.

Sometimes she’d combine it with whipped heavy cream to make a chocolate pudding.

Her extra weight
kept flying off…

Stop cookies and cupcakes..

Tara’s sugar cravings virtually DISAPPEARED, because she had a healthy way to satisfy her sweet tooth. She stopped eating packaged cookies and cupcakes.

Chocolate drink.

She started making this drink for herself twice a day. When a guest came over, she’d give them a sample and other people started getting hooked too.

Happy kid.

Her energy blasted through the roof. As soon as she feels the usual afternoon slump coming on, she has her second chocolate drink and flies through the rest of her day, taking care of her kids, cleaning up after them, chasing them around.

Slim girl.

One day, she grabbed an old pair of shorts that she could never pull past her thighs. As she put them on, Tara nearly gasped.

Her thighs, butt, hips, and waist had slimmed so much, the shorts were now practically
falling off of her!

Even clothes she’d bought just a few months before were too loose to wear.

As she tried on more cute outfits, she spun around and realized, “My waist fits this now! My thighs fit this now!”

Tara noticed new
muscle tone in her arms…

Morning after morning, she stares at her body and thinks…

Client Tara.
Client Tara.

“Am I still sad and really out of shape?
Oh no… I’m not. I did it. I wasn’t dreaming.”

Literally, every morning she spins her legs out of bed, looks at herself, and repeats that she is NOT dreaming.

Energy from zero to a million. She feels almost like she’s 25 again.

She’s lost 62 pounds in less than a year and is still going strong.

She’s now 38 and… as she solemnly promised to herself a
year ago…

… she’s happy.

Of course, Tara made her stunning transformation because she started eating healthy and moved her body.

But… she didn’t deprive herself. She didn’t neglect her sweet tooth. And she didn’t need to push herself through day after day of exhaustion.

Thanks to this amazing chocolate, she had bouncing off the walls energy to accomplish everything she wanted and more.

It’s so easy… and delicious… to use. And I’m so grateful that I discovered this secret…

So, let me tell you the story of how I discovered this chocolate that transformed Tara’s life… and how it could do the same for you.

But fair warning:

My journey started with the most emotionally painful event of my life…

… and took me all the way to South America on a remote mountain trail in the middle of the jungle, to find this chocolate.

Now I’ve finally brought this secret back to the rest of the world. It helped change Tara’s life and I’m excited to hear about success stories.


The surprising part about this chocolate, which tastes even better than it looks, is the special secret it contains. This secret helps…

  • Crush your occasional cravings without endlessly depriving yourself of delicious food…
  • Give you the energy to move your body like you’ve
    always wanted, so you can thin all those problem
  • … and jumpstart your weight loss even if you’re over 35.*
  • It helps even if you have extra belly fat from giving birth
    to children. I have two beautiful daughters (one is in college!) and I can practically trade clothes with them if I wanted to.
Kuna Tribe Couple.

The secret has to do with a health tradition of the Kuna tribe in Panama.

They’re located on the coast and even though their diets are far from perfect…

… and they live in a dangerous, polluted part of the world…

They often live longer than their neighbors…

In fact, the risks associated with aging that you and I might worry about… are almost UNKNOWN to them…

Fortunately for you and me, Ivy League scientists unlocked their secret. They discovered the tribe’s fabulous health is not luck…

… it’s a secret you can
take advantage of.

You can use it to help influence the way the cells in your body behave…

Whether you’re over 45, 55, 65, or more, you can use this South American Kuna Tribe chocolate secret to let your body feel nourished and ready to drop the extra weight.*

This secret is based on research from brilliant scientists in Italy… Switzerland… and Ivy League Universities in the United States.

In just a moment, I’ll share how the darkest moment of my life put me on the path to discover this secret.

Worried woman.

If you feel like your hope has faded to almost nothing…

If you have exhausted yourself with heart-shattering yo-yo dieting, where even when you deprived yourself, it felt like a horrible struggle to lose even a little bit of weight…

If you feel tears in the corners of your eyes just thinking about how hard you’ve tried…

Because it feels like your extra weight is permanently glued to your problem areas…

Then fate brought you here today.

After I share with you the hidden key to flushing fat out of your trouble spots… transforming your body to bikini-ready

You’ll feel the heavy hopelessness lift from your shoulders…

You’ll step off the dieting roller coaster and stop obsessing over every single calorie…

… and you’ll find yourself firming up in all the right places

WITHOUT starving yourself with egg whites, bland salads, or unhealthy boxed diet “foods”…

Staring woman at cookies.

NO MORE constantly staring longingly at your friends’ hearty meals with dessert…

Weight scale.

NO MORE feeling utterly drained because you barely gave your body any nutrition… only to step on the scale to find you GAINED weight…

Energized woman.

Instead, it’s your time to feel energized, ready to take on the world, and turning heads with how good you look.

It all starts with this chocolate mocha secret

You might be skeptical. I don’t blame you.

We’ve all choked down gross-tasting “diet chocolates” that make your cravings worse.

I assure you, this chocolate secret has nothing to do with trying to fool your tastebuds with
artificial sweetener “flavoring,” or mixing kale into chocolate.

This is natural chocolate that will help leave you satisfied.*

You’ve never heard about this before because
much of the science is brand-new

Danette May.
Danette May.

Plus, billion-dollar mega-corporations won’t tell you about this secret because it’s based on natural ingredients.

Major diet companies won’t tell you because then you won’t buy their overpriced, nasty-tasting boxed meals.

I ask that you keep an open mind for what I’m going to share…

Because when you keep reading and get hit with the “Aha!” moment, your life might change.

So, let me tell you the painful story of how I discovered this…

Years ago, I was married with a wonderful daughter and pregnant with a boy.

I was waiting for my new baby boy to arrive. One day I was having a rare quiet moment and felt an intuition that something was wrong. Instead of going to the hospital, I ignored my intuition and distracted myself with busywork.

That evening, I got hit with strong contractions and finally rushed to the hospital.

The worst happened. I lost my baby boy.

Danette May.

For three months, I didn’t leave my house. My mind, body, and soul felt ripped apart.

But, with a family to hold together, I didn’t have the space or energy to truly heal.

And yet my struggles were only beginning…

A short time later, I gave birth to my second daughter.

Then my marriage fell apart.

Soon, I was living alone with my two girls with zero financial support. I felt like my body wasn’t my own any more… I didn’t even know what it meant to be me.

As devastated and terrified as I felt, I had to keep pushing for the sake of my daughters.

Which took a toll on my health…

When I wanted to sleep, I stared at the ceiling in my dark room, my mind looping and looping on how crushed and confused and hopeless I felt.

I felt like such a failure, especially because I made my living helping women get in shape and improve their lives.

Danette May with client.

I had dual degrees in pre-med and nutrition and worked as a personal trainer.

Even though I believed I was doing everything “right” I still felt more and more insecure and self-conscious about my body. And I wasn’t alone…

Some of my clients made amazing transformations…

They would feel their energy surge off the charts…

Their belly fat would practically disappear…

But other clients struggled with exhaustion…

It seemed like the harder they tried, the more their bodies fought back…

And when they shuffled into the bathroom to weigh themselves in the morning, they felt defeated because their weight never seemed to go down.

However, this deep pain birthed a new journey for me…

Which led me to discover how to heal myself…
… and help my clients strip away their stubborn fat

It’s how I discovered that you can’t starve yourself into becoming slim.

Because your body will fight back. It thinks its very survival is at stake.

However, if you nourish your body with the proper nutrition…

You can finally forget about all the fad low-fat diets… tracking every calorie… avoiding carbs…
and slaving away on a treadmill or stationary bike for hours at a time…

Even better, you can enjoy mouth-watering chocolate every day. In fact, you should… as long as you use this chocolate “trick.”

Let’s dive into what the trick is…

My quest for healing took me all the way to the jungles of Costa Rica.

Healthy people.

As I visited this remote Costa Rican village, I marveled at how healthy and happy everyone looked. It didn’t matter how old they were.

I knew some of the elders were past 80 and even 90 years old, but I couldn’t find anyone who looked over 50.

They bounded up mountain trails like gazelles. Their eyes gleamed with joy, delight, and energy.

There was something so different about them… and I wanted to know what it was.

A small group of people, including me, followed a respected healer deep into a mysterious mountain trail.

The lush vegetation weaved so thick that sometimes
I lost sight of the sun

Danette May.

Finally, we reached the top of the trail.

As we sat in a circle at the top of the mountain trail, the healer pulled out a ceremonial cup and poured a dark liquid into it.

Have you ever felt those moments in life where you knew fate was intervening? And your whole life was about to change?

That’s what I felt building up like an earthquake within me. But even that couldn’t prepare me for what would happen next…

As instructed, I blessed the drink in the cup and took my first sip…

Oh my

It was like pouring liquid love deep into every cell of my body. Waves of inner warmth, peace, and gratitude radiated through my body and mind.

It was delicious. I’d never had any drink like this in the United States or anywhere else in the world.

I practically floated back down the mountain trail. For the rest of the day, I felt steady energy flow through my body and mind. And a huge smile simply wouldn’t leave my face!*

The healer showed me
how to make the drink

How to make drink.
How to make drink.

Turns out, it wasn’t hard. You just use a special powder that you can mix in water, almond milk, oat milk, or any beverage of your choice.

The healer gave me just enough for me to have a little more and give some to my closest friends.

While traveling, I learned how ancient tribes of South America believed this drink had special powers to help people to tap into higher mental and physical strength and clarity.*

The Mayans regarded this drink so highly that it was used as a form of currency and was stashed away like treasure.

After my experience, I could see why.

Back home, I made the mysterious drink in my kitchen and noticed something fascinating…

The energy virtually never went away…

At this point in my life, I was in a new relationship, and I found I couldn’t keep my hands off my beloved. It was like this drink had amplified the pulsing glow between us.

Like falling in love, on tap.

Client Tara.
Danette May.

As a working mom with two daughters, I never had time to prepare a fancy breakfast, and I was sick of depriving myself with bland oatmeal and egg whites…

But with this special drink, breakfast soon became my favorite meal of the day.

It felt like my little morning secret to blast on my fat-burning metabolism…*

My body started to look more slim, toned, and tight. I couldn’t
believe that a drink so delicious could actually help me
look sexier.

It was the perfect key to help me enjoy healthy eating and burn calories with healthy exercise.

Then, I gave some of this powder to my friends and clients. Especially women who were convinced their bodies were ruined and that they’d never feel self-love or receive love from their partners…

The women whose confidence was shattered…

… and who were too nervous and ashamed to even get undressed in front of their partners.

I felt so nervous, wondering if they’d have a similar experience to me. After all, maybe it was different in Costa Rica? Maybe they needed to be guided through a ceremony with the healer, like I did?

Then my phone beeped
with a new text…


“My God!” the text said, “This stuff is AMAZING!” This was followed by a bunch of happy face emojis!

One friend reported that she combined this drink with coffee and her results went through the roof.

It was the best morning “mocha” drink she’d ever had.

She had no urges to drink the calorie-bomb mochas she used to crave…

And had no more occasional bloating or gas from an unhealthy breakfast…

Danette May.

So, I let my other friends know about the morning mocha “trick” and they jumped on it!

I felt so excited, almost like a mad scientist, as I kept receiving breathtaking feedback about how this drink was changing my friends’ lives…

And, after a little more time had gone by, they started reporting about how much weight they were losing. Their bodies were toning up…

They felt like completely different people.

As I read yet another excited text from a friend, it confirmed to me that… back on that Costa Rican mountaintop, my life… and my destiny… had changed.

I knew I had to introduce others to the power of this drink.

And soon it was all gone

So, I had to take everything I learned as a pre-med and nutrition student… and use my connections from over a dozen years in the health and fitness industry…

… and bring this drink to the world.

I’m thrilled to say that, after years of struggle, I was finally able to do it. I found the perfect source.

So, you’re probably wondering what this drink… and the powder you use to create it… is.

I’ll tell you right now.

The drink is made of
something called cacao,

Now, you may have heard of
cacao before, because cacao is…

The magical ingredient in
delicious, mouthwatering chocolate

Chemical chocolate.

No way. Not if you go to your usual sources.

That’s because virtually every chocolate product you see at the store, or eat at a restaurant, is unnatural, chemical chocolate.

It’s been artificially stripped of its major nutrients. When natural cacao gets processed into milk chocolate… which is found in just about every processed chocolate dessert… much of its health properties get destroyed.

Raw cacao.

Unfortunately, the same is true about dark chocolate… including the fancy kinds in the grocery store selling for over $3 a bar! It’s dead chocolate.

But when you get raw, alive cacao… the results are amazing…

Genuine cacao is completely different from the chocolate you’ll find in your local store or restaurant.

Modern scientists around the world are just beginning to catch on to its health-enhancing power…

Scientists in Japan found cacao may help maintain cholesterol levels already in the normal, healthy range.*

Cacao also releases a
natural chemical in your body called nitric oxide*

Three scientists won the Nobel Prize for discovering nitric oxide…

It plays a pivotal role in promoting heart health and delivering health-enhancing nutrients to every part of your body.*

A fascinating 5-day study from Harvard Medical School showed that cacao helped support
blood flow so much, the scientists called it, “...striking…”*
Scientists from the UK even found it supports improved blood flow to the BRAIN…
after just one dose!

Which might be why scientists in Italy suggest that, after giving senior volunteers cacao in a drink for 60 days…

They performed better on brain power tests.*
Happy girl.

And if you suffer from food occasional cravings, there’s more good news. Scientists in The Netherlands found that eating cacao… or even just smelling it… helps lower the chemical that causes food cravings.*

They even found it helps maintain healthy immune system function.*

I’m somewhat shocked that more so-called “experts” aren’t talking about this…

But the truth is, most of them would rather stick to the status quo, even if it means you suffer as a result.

I’d rather go against the grain and speak the truth
about this amazing cacao

Eating Chocolate.
Eating Chocolate.

Especially how, in addition to its health benefits, real cacao is even more delicious than processed chocolate.

Even more rich… decadent… filling…

To be 100% honest, many women describe real cacao as orgasmic.

That’s certainly what I felt at the ceremony in the Costa Rican mountain trail…

… and what my friends and clients reported when I gave them a

Here’s why it has such
miraculous effects.

Happy girl.

And this has everything to do with the #1 fat loss mistake I see women make.

One major reason behind cacao’s power is a molecule called anandamide.

The name comes from the Sanskrit word for “joy, bliss, delight.”

Anandamide is a neurotransmitter. Basically, that means it helps your brain feel certain things.

Ever since scientists in Israel isolated anandamide, they scrambled to understand its effects.

Animal research shows anandamide helps promote feelings of optimism.*

And fascinating research from Switzerland
revealed something that could be
the answer to your fat loss prayers…

Eating cacao upgrades metabolism…*
… and, in the right doses, may help LOWER the hormone cortisol.*

Now, here’s why this could be the answer to your fat loss prayers…

… and it has everything to do with the #1 fat loss mistake women make.

This mistake is actually encouraged by the media and, sadly, even by well-meaning personal trainers and “experts” on dieting.

This mistake throws your body into Fat Storing Mode and makes it virtually impossible for you to lose weight.


Even if you eat 100%
strict keto…

Intermittent fasting.

Do intermittent fasting…


Cut every last speck of
grains from your diet…

Paleo diet.

Go paleo…


Stuff yourself with
bland vegetables…


Avoid lectins… drink smoothies… or exercise with an empty stomach.


What is the
#1 fat loss mistake?

Here’s what I’ve found, based on helping thousands of women slim down…

The #1 mistake is to deprive yourself of calories and nutrients so much that you accidentally raise your cortisol hormone levels… which can cause your body to hoard fat.

Scientists in Italy and Switzerland even found that cortisol makes your body store more fat in your belly.

And guess what can raise your cortisol levels?

Overly restrictive dieting.

Frantic woman.

That’s right…

The bad news is, virtually every diet you could think of, causes this to happen…

  • Low-carb or no-carb…
  • Low-fat…
  • High-protein…
  • Vegan…
  • Carnivore…

It doesn’t matter. If you deprive your body and trigger a spike in cortisol, your body will hoard the fat you have.


If you’ve felt like, no matter how hard you try,
extra weight stays stuck to your body…

Eating healthy.

… it may be because your hormone cortisol is forcing your body to keep every last bit of fat glued to you.

Every time you’ve been told, “Just eat less!” and attempted to starve yourself… you’ve virtually programmed your body to cling to fat.

But here’s the good news…

Cacao can help combat cortisol.

And… once you’ve kept your cortisol at healthy levels…*

You can move your body… give your body the proper nutrients without overeating… and over time…

Your fat will melt like ice
cream on a hot August day

As I mentioned before, you probably haven’t heard about this because this area of science… especially about the molecule anandamide… is cutting-edge.

That said, I already performed my own “mad scientist” experiment when I used this cacao and gave it to my clients and friends.

We discovered that…

When we started our day with this delicious cacao, we barely thought about our usual
cravings because we felt so wonderful and energized!*

It made sticking to our healthy eating an absolute breeze.

Nobody had to follow overly strict diet rules or pay attention to the confusing debate about low-carb or high-carb or low-fat or keto…

They felt the relief of never needing to desperately struggle on a bland meal plan…

That’s when everything clicked. I thought back to the clients from years earlier who melted fat like magic… and the clients who struggled to lose even a single pound…

What made the difference?

It was how they felt about their diet and lifestyle. Their satisfaction, excitement, and nourishment. Their bliss.

Girl drinking cacao.

When their bodies literally felt nourished, they succeeded. When they felt deprived, they tried what they felt was everything… and nothing worked.

I now firmly believe that if you want to feel good about your body and love yourself first so your extra weight can finally come off more effortlessly…

… and if you want to feel like you’re indulging in desserts that are actually healthy…

You need more of the molecule anandamide.

Which means you need to get yourself this special cacao.

Back to the story of my
friends and clients enjoying it…

In my years of studying nourishing nutrients from Mother Nature, I’d discovered other compounds that could enhance this cacao.

So I experimented even more… upgrading the cacao recipe.

Especially after my friends and clients asked me to turbocharge its fat-burning support effects.*


You see, they wanted the benefits of a super low-carb or keto diet…

… but they didn’t want to permanently give up delicious bread, pasta, or even the occasional sweet dessert!

Of course, the cacao recipe took care of the sweet desserts. Its gooey goodness was satisfying their sweet tooths.

But I understood that it’s hard to stick to a keto meal plan when your favorite restaurant brings out fresh, piping hot bread rolls…

… or you want to enjoy an occasional romantic evening with your partner where you indulge in your favorite red wine or cocktail.

And I knew exactly
what to do.

Now, you’ve probably heard of the keto diet and how it can flush away extra weight from your body in a shockingly short time…

But if you’ve ever gone keto, you know it’s horribly difficult.

Giving up bread, pasta, fruit, red wine, and cocktails…

Dealing with the negative side effects like constipation, headaches, and brain fog…

Fortunately, there’s a secret to enjoying some of the benefits of going keto without the restrictive diet.

As you might know, the keto diet works so well because it raises your levels of ketones.

These ketones support your metabolism and energy.

Well, there’s another way to increase your ketones…
and that’s by using something called MCT Oil

Some research suggests that MCT oil may help increase how many calories you burn.*

Which means, just by sitting there and living your life… doing anything you’d normally do… you may be burning more calories…*

Coconut oil.

Which can mean automatically supporting more fat burning.*

Plus, when you ingest MCT oil, it’s used immediately for energy.*

That means you get to enjoy a quick boost in energy.*

This boost in energy helps “heat up” your body, rev up your metabolism, and burn more bodyfat as part of your exercise and healthy eating routine.*

It also helps support your weight loss goals another way: MCT oil helps you feel full and curb occasional cravings... *

A study even showed MCT oil modifies your gut bacteria to help you lose fat.*

Sounds miraculous, right? Almost too good to be true?

Well, it sort of is. There’s a problem with MCT oil. Actually, two of them…

1. Regular MCT oil tastes terrible.

2. Regular MCT oil might cause you to run to the bathroom.

That’s why it hasn’t become the go-to for everyone who wants to lose weight.

Fortunately, I solved both problems by using a special powdered MCT oil. When I tested mixing it with my cacao formula, the taste was fantastic!

Cacao drink.

MCT oil became the perfect fat-blowtorching turbocharge for my cacao formula.*

Then my friends started asking for help with their joints…

Before starting my special cacao drink regimen, some of them were pounding their ankles, knees, and hips running miles per day. They hurt.

So, I went back to my “experiment chamber” (my kitchen was seriously starting to look like a science lab) and upgraded the recipe even more…

With Turmeric

  • You might have heard of this golden spice from India. Studies show that turmeric can promote joint health and relieve sore muscles.*
  • Turmeric can even help support your natural inflammation response throughout your entire body, down to the very cells.*
  • Turmeric can also help support and cleanse your liver.*
  • Plus, a fascinating study showed how turmeric also supports your mood, helping you feel happier!*

With all these incredible benefits, it’s not surprising that turmeric has been used for health for thousands of years.

However, scientists have noted that turmeric can be limited by how well your body absorbs it…

… which is why many turmeric products you can get off the shelves of a local store or online can be very disappointing.

That’s where a special turmeric “hack” comes in to explode its bioavailability up to a full 2,000%! The secret is black pepper.*

I added both to my cacao recipe… giving it a richer taste.

And my ladies thanked me for how much smoother and younger their joints felt.*

But they had one final request that I knew I had to fulfill before I unleashed this recipe on the world…

The women I spoke to admitted that it became easier for them to avoid high-sugar, unhealthy desserts now that they had Cacao Bliss.


But maybe they’d end up at a friend’s house with no healthy options (it’s hard to refuse a meal someone prepared for you!) …

Maybe they’d be traveling and needed to grab a less-than-healthy snack on the go…

… so they wanted a little “bad food insurance” to balance things out.

So I added another secret weapon spice to my recipe. Fun fact: In ancient Rome, this spice was more valuable than gold!

Today, it’s now being called…

The “Skinny Spice!”

  • That’s because this spice helps slow down digestion of sugar.*
  • It also supports your body’s natural insulin response. Many studies on people back this up.*
  • And because your body may store more fat when your blood sugar goes up… this skinny spice could help make weight loss easier.*

This skinny spice is cinnamon.

Plus, adding the cinnamon to the cacao made the flavor come even more alive. At this point, it tasted so delicious, everyone was swearing it must be bad for you.

After I perfected the recipe… and the rave reviews
kept pouring in… I ran into another problem:

Making enough of this special cacao formula to
the growing demand

My simple kitchen wouldn’t work anymore. And I had lost touch with the healer in Costa Rica who gave me the first supply.

That’s when I searched for companies I could work with…

All I can say is, if you’ve ever been disappointed by a bottle of capsules that promised you the world but did absolutely nothing for you… you’re not alone and it’s not your fault.

So many companies lied to me… lied about their ingredients… lied about their quality.

It honestly made me feel sick to my stomach.

Organic ingredients.
Organic ingredients.

And it took me years to secure a genuine, premium supply of this cacao and the other ingredients. I managed to do it with organic ingredients.

I wouldn’t dare put this out to the world unless it was the absolute best.

The good news? All my work paid off and I managed to create a cacao blend that was even better than the one that had changed my life on that Costa Rican mountain trail.

The bad news? There was one thing I could not manage to do… and that was meet the extreme demand.

I can produce this formula only in small batches. When I run out, it takes at least three months to get the formula back in stock.

With all the craziness that’s happening around the world, this formula is only going to get more rare and harder to make.

It’s little wonder that so many of my customers scramble to reserve six pouches at a time. Frankly, it’s the smart thing to do.

Anyway, I was so excited to receive my initial test batch in the mail. It was my first time creating the recipe outside of my kitchen… and outside of my Costa Rica ritual… so I wondered if it would have the same magic.

My friends and clients were wondering, too. They’d been raving about their energy skyrocketing, their occasional cravings disappearing, how they felt excited to step on the scale and try new clothes…*

… and especially how they enjoyed surprising their partners with their sex drive.*

They even began sleeping better and their joints felt younger, more supple and smooth.*

“You need to make me more! I can’t go back to starting my day without this!”
Danette May.

Finally, the day arrived. I grabbed the cardboard box from my front door and rushed into my kitchen.

I carefully removed the first gorgeous pouch from the box, tore open the top… and made my first mocha.

One sip was all it took to confirm it tasted even better than I remembered.

And after I forgot about my usual food cravings…

After I flew through my house, played with my two beautiful daughters… and grabbed my husband and dragged him into the bedroom…

I knew this cacao formula has the same powerful magic.

With all that said…

Let me now show you how to get exactly what you’ve just learned about…

  • The ceremonial grade cacao, even better than the kind I drank on the Costa Rican mountain top and that I gave to my friends…
  • Turmeric to fight temporary inflammation related to physical exercise, support improved digestion, dissolve stubborn fat and support a feel-good mood…*
  • Black Pepper to make the turmeric even more effective and up to 2,000% more bioavailable…*
  • MCT Powder to give you some of the benefits of the keto dieting while still occasionally enjoying bread, pasta, and fruit…*
  • … and Cinnamon to support your body's ability to digest sugar and keep your insulin response healthy.

As you learned, even though these individual ingredients are very difficult to source…

… I’ve managed to gather ALL of the special ingredients you’ve learned about today…

… and I’ve made them ALL available in a delicious, indulgent blend.

After the feedback I got from my friends and clients… I knew exactly what I’d call this Mother Nature’s formula:


The Most Delicious
Discovery On The Planet!

Product. Product.

All you need to do is mix a scoop (less than 2 teaspoons) into your favorite beverage.

You can have it as a comforting hot cocoa drink before bed…

…or even get the full benefits it has to offer while enjoying it in absolutely delicious desserts.

Of course, I recommend mixing it into your morning coffee to start your day with a fat-burning mocha.*

Collage. Collage.

My intimate group of taste testers were blown away by every simple recipe they tried.

They kept wondering…

How could something this healthy taste this good?

As soon as you try some… I bet you’ll feel the same way.

When my company began offering limited batches of Cacao Bliss to our audience, they absolutely loved it. We’ve got pages and pages of testimonials… here’s just a sample:

I started Cacao Bliss a few months back, I am here to tell you that this stuff is amazing. I was skeptical at first but it works, it really works. I mix it every morning with my morning smoothie or my tea. It has worked wonders to balance occasional, temporary stiffness and inflammation as a result of exercise or activity. I feel wonderful to boot. If you’re skeptical I would highly suggest to give it a try. Again, it works, it really works.

I've been using Cacao Bliss in my morning coffee for 7 months now. I've lost 10 lbs without trying. My joints feel so much better. My doctor wanted to know what I was doing different! I now have my husband on it also. I can't imagine starting my day without it.

I have been using Cacao Bliss since it first came out last December and I love it and I am hooked! It is my every morning get away. I love the taste (I add it to my organic coffee with a splash of almond milk) and then I sit peacefully and quietly for the next 20 minutes on a mini mind vacation while I enjoy every sip to the fullest. It takes away cravings for me, and I have noticed a difference in my stress levels at work.

I use it in dessert recipes, and my newest favorite is iced. I also use it with yogurt and honey as a facial mask which makes a noticeable improvement in my skin! A super easy way to consume one of Nature’s best Superfoods, and it’s produced in its natural and ceremonial processes for an amazing clean product. I don’t think I’ve gone a day without it......why would I? Give it a try! You won’t be sorry!

OMG!! I can’t believe it! I’m not one in giving reviews but I had to make the time for this product! This product is ridiculously Amazing!!!! It’s like... chocolate and cinnamon got married and just lived happily ever after!! When I opened the jar a little bit of powder fell out, I “dusted” it with my finger and said what the heck, I’ll taste it before I add it to my hot coffee... and OMG.. i actually said WOW and laughed out loud of how delicious this is!

As soon as I hit my 40s, I’ve been struggling with my weight. I suddenly became a sweet tooth maniac and I wasn’t before. I was looking for something healthy /organic and sweet to substitute my usual “3 creams /4 splendas” and my late night cravings. And I FOUND IT! This is worth every dime!! You can actually taste how pure the all ingredients are! It’s just amazing!! This product is it for me, for life! Thank you for making such a pure and rich product!

I love the taste of this. I drink a scoop of this in my milk each morning and it is delicious. I feel great and have alot of energy through out the day. No naps during the day and I am a young 74 Grandma!

It is an incredible product! Great in coffee… Leaves you feeling satisfied the entire day!!

I love having my morning shake! I mix with my coffee, a protein shake and a half tsp of coconut sugar. Amazing! Kees me full until about 2pm and no cravings. I am down 33lbs on this journey and Cacao Bliss is definitely making the process more enjoyable! ... I’m hooked!

I add this to coconut almond milk for my breakfast. It wakes me up and as an added bonus I lost a few pounds without trying! Tastes great too.

These women are far from alone.

You heard Tara’s amazing story

Tara results.

She drinks Cacao Bliss every single day. It helped her feel energized, reduced her occasional cravings… and helped her stick to healthy eating and moving her body every day.

She lost 62 pounds.

As I mentioned before, Tara's results may seem extreme... and they are amazing. But you should remember that she lost her weight the healthy way and took a full year.

When you treat your body right and nourish and move your body, you can expect to lose roughly one pound per week. And, as you can see from Tara’s transformation... this can be life-changing!

Cacao Bliss is delicious
and easy to use…

Its ingredients are carefully chosen to support your health, longevity, healthy weight, and happiness…*

Quite frankly, it’s in a completely different class from any superfood you’ve used or heard about…

…and I’ve never seen any other superfood or health supplement that has this abundance of benefits while tasting as good as a naughty dessert!*

I care deeply about sourcing ingredients that benefit your body, while respecting our planet with sustainable practices and packaging.


Because of this, and because of the rare ingredients, supplies are limited.

The ceremonial-grade cacao is especially rare, since it’s carefully selected, and lovingly dried directly in the sun, and then ground by hand into a fine powder…

…rather than the mass-produced, industrial cocoa powder used in virtually all chocolate you see today.

So, if you’re thinking about trying Cacao Bliss and enjoying its many benefits, reserve your supply while we have it in stock!

  • Cacao Bliss includes the rare, ceremonial-grade cacao… The same cacao my friends and clients couldn’t get enough of.
  • It includes Turmeric, to support healthy joints, combat temporary inflammation from exercise, mood boosting, cleansing your liver, and additional antioxidant support…*
  • MCT Oil to support your healthiest weight by curbing occasional food cravings, supporting fat burning, and giving you an extra burst of physical energy for workouts…*
  • The “Skinny Spice” Ceylon Cinnamon to maintain healthy blood sugar levels already in the normal, healthy range (since your body may store more fat when your blood sugar levels are elevated), while supporting brain health…*

And, I’ve added a
few extra goodies:

Monk Fruit.

My favorite natural healthy sweetener, called Monk Fruit, which helps satisfy your sweet tooth, with zero calories and no negative effect on your blood sugar*

Coconut Nectar.

Coconut Nectar, which contains a unique fiber known as inulin, which acts as a prebiotic and feeds the healthy gut bacteria in your lower intestine…*


Lucuma, which adds a hint of caramel-like flavor while also containing antioxidants, and supports heart health…*


A tiny amount of Organic Cocoa Powder to add a little extra rich, velvety chocolate to support the cacao…


Mesquite, because it’s a sweet and nutty superfood that doesn’t cause blood sugar spikes, and helps to give your immune system some extra oomph…*

Himalayan Salt.

…and Himalayan Salt, which is wonderful for bringing out the cacao’s natural flavor and contains over 84 minerals and trace elements that help to balance your pH levels.

USDA Organic.

100% USDA
certified organic...


Produced in a
non-GMO facility...


Vegan, vegetarian,
paleo, keto friendly!


Tastes deliciously decadent (dessert-like!)...


Free of unhealthy sugars like other chocolate products...


A pure superfood, with no artificial flavors or sweeteners…

High Quality.

Using only the highest quality processing methods...


Soy, dairy, and gluten-


Once I managed to include all these incredibly healing, delicious ingredients, and I had that magical experience tasting it, I knew that Cacao Bliss was FINALLY ready.

And those who’ve been lucky enough to try it…

Could NOT imagine achieving a
fit, trim body without it

  • You’ve seen how tangible results like support for a better mood, fewer occasional food cravings, and more energy… happen within just hours…*
  • You witnessed how Tara lost 62 pounds in a year, and you saw how Cacao Bliss was an essential part of her transformation.
  • You’ve learned about how you can’t deprive your body into losing weight because it can elevate your cortisol levels…
  • You’ve learned how the secret of anandamide, which is in chocolate, can help inspire you into the best shape of your life…*
  • You’ve discovered how you can take advantage of MCT oil to help burn fat for energy…*
  • …and how with cinnamon, you can enjoy more sugar and still support a normal, healthy insulin response.*

It’s one thing to know all this… but it’s a completely different thing to use this knowledge


Take a moment to feel how wonderful it would be to make the decision to try this healing, delicious, uplifting formula for yourself.

How your confidence could shoot through the roof…

How your daily stress… doubts about yourself… and worry could get wiped away.*

As your body changes, you might be inspired to treat yourself to shopping for new pants and outfits because your old clothes… even your “skinny day clothes“… are too baggy and loose.

However, if you close this page, there’s no guarantee that you’ll ever be able to easily get this rare formula in the future.

With all the supply chain issues, it’s getting tougher and tougher to secure supplies of top-quality ingredients. So, if you’re at all interested…

Get your hands on Cacao Bliss while it’s still available.

Imagine starting each day with off-the-charts
support for your energy…*

Where you can enjoy delicious foods that feel like you’re indulging, yet you feel more inspired to move your body than ever before…

Instead of struggling to get your body back, you feel like a whole new person…

Where you feel even more loving and connected with the people who matter most…

… especially yourself.

Grandmother with granddaughter.

Instead of refusing to look in the mirror or feeling too ashamed to leave your house, maybe you’ll decide to take a walk around your neighborhood for about 20 minutes…

… and before you know it, over 30 minutes have passed, and you still feel relaxed and energized…

… you find yourself smiling at neighbors, and realize that you feel great emotionally…

… and when you get home, your usual temporary, post-walk ache and pains have all but vanished.*

Your ankles, knees, and hips feel virtually brand-new.*

You feel so good that you end up doing all the laundry that’s been quietly piling up…

Followed by sneaking in one more quick workout that leaves you feeling more energized than when you started.*

Fewer cravings for unhealthy foods. You rarely even think about snacking.

And that’s just how you’ll feel your first day after a
rich, flavorful cup of Cacao Bliss


When you support your body with all the benefits of Cacao Bliss, this can be your future, and so much more.

Imagine having this in your morning coffee instead of a sugar-filled latte. You’ll feel better, lighter, more energized, and even save money (more on that in a bit) …*

Each ingredient has been carefully selected and based on science and personal experience.

In fact, ever since creating it, this has become my go-to treat for my entire family.

And I have more surprises for you, to help you get the most out of your Cacao Bliss journey!

Gift #1: Cacao Lovers Cookbook


As I mentioned, my taste-testers made all kinds of cacao recipes…

  • Brownies…
  • Cookies…
  • Waffles…
  • Pudding...
  • Hot cocoa...
  • … and, of course, morning mocha.
Danette May.

So, I asked them to send me their best-of-the-best, delicious recipes and put them together into this cookbook.

It contains my FAVORITE dessert recipes, all using this rare chocolate and other healthy, natural, fat-burning ingredients!*

Weight loss never works when you deprive yourself. You must celebrate your body, indulge your taste buds, and deeply enjoy how you nourish yourself!

And this cookbook makes your nutrition very, very easy…

You can prepare each of these mouth-watering desserts in about 5 minutes using only 5 ingredients

It’s perfect if you’re a busy mom-on-the-go.

My friends, family, and followers go CRAZY over these recipes. You’re going to love them.

They include…

Chocolate peanut butter cups. Chocolate peanut butter cups.

Chocolate peanut
butter cups

Cacao coconut balls. Cacao coconut balls.

coconut balls

Guilt-free chocolate cake. Guilt-free chocolate cake.

chocolate cake

Rich cacao bites. Rich cacao bites.

Rich cacao bites

Healthy decadent brownies. Healthy decadent brownies.

Healthy decadent

Chocolate wafflese. Chocolate wafflese.

Chocolate waffles

Chocolate thin mint cookies. Chocolate thin mint cookies.

Chocolate thin
mint cookies

Chocolate mug cake. Chocolate mug cake.

Chocolate mug cake

Almond butter cups smoothie. Almond butter cups smoothie.

Almond butter
cups smoothie

...and SO many more!

And, I want to give you another special gift today…

Gift #2: Cacao Meditations

Digital access. Digital access.

It’s become a sad “new normal” to feel exhausted, drained, and pulled in so many directions.

But when you take a few moments for yourself to meditate in a certain way… you can flow through your day.

So… how do you do that?

I created two powerful cacao meditations you can listen to while you sip your cup of rich hot chocolate made from Cacao Bliss.

You’ll love feeling your body release tension. Your stress will melt away.

And what happens when you relieve your stress? Your metabolism has support to help burn more and more fat.*

These special meditations are a large part of how I can share the amazing experience of cacao with you - I am so excited for you to try them!

Gift #3: Fast Fat-Burning Recipes

Recipes book.

As much as I’d love to eat chocolate for every meal, I need variety too.

That’s why I came up with these mouth-watering recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, and snacks.

This guide will show you exactly how to easily make fat-burning…

Warm gooey French toast.

Warm gooey
French toast

Scrumptious waffles and pancakes.

Scrumptious waffles
and pancakes

Chocolate banana muffins.

Chocolate banana muffins

Chocolate smoothies.

Chocolate smoothies you’ll swear taste like decadent chocolate milkshakes

Zesty burritos.

Zesty burritos

Mouth-watering burgers.

Mouth-watering burgers

Heavenly pasta.

Heavenly pasta

Delicious, hot cheesy pizza.

Delicious, hot
cheesy pizza

Hearty sweet potato chips and fries.

Hearty sweet potato
chips and fries

Yummy wings.

Yummy wings

Apple cobbler that will satisfy even the strongest cravings.

Apple cobbler that
will satisfy even the
strongest cravings

Rich, heavy cheesecake.

Rich, heavy cheesecake

...and more!

You’ll never again need to wonder, “What am I supposed to eat?!” and you’ll never be bored.

You won’t find any calorie counts for these recipes because you won’t need them. Every recipe is designed to be delicious, satisfying, energizing, and help you indulge your way to burning fat.*

With just a few of these recipes, you’ll be eating the most indulgent, energy-providing, fat-burning meals of your life.

Gift #4: 10-Day Gut Health Reset

10 day gut health reset.

After helping thousands of women transform their bodies, I’ve found that for situations that truly seem hopeless… they need this special 10-day reset.

It focuses on your gut health.

Because the health of your gut can actually help influence whether you store the foods you eat as fat… or burn them for energy.

A good friend of mine once gained 30 pounds and almost starved herself trying to lose it. She tried eating nothing but salads… went 100% keto… and tried going vegetarian. Nothing worked…

… until she addressed her gut.

And when she did?

Eating healthy.

Then her healthy eating plan and exercise finally gave her the results she’d been hoping for…

My friend lost all 30 pounds and now occasionally enjoys wine, cider, ice cream, pasta, and often steps on the scale to find she’s lost weight after a night of indulgence!

With this 10-day Gut Health Reset, you’ll enjoy better digestion and a faster metabolism.

This simple guide will show you the 6 pillars of transforming your gut health. Only one of them is food!

When you nourish your gut, you might be surprised to become one of those “lucky people” with a lightning-fast metabolism.


You’ll get ALL of these gifts
100% free when you order today…


That’s a $99.95 value in FREE gifts, just for choosing to experience Cacao Bliss for yourself...

PLUS as an additional bonus, I will be sending you all my best tips, recipes and suggestions straight to your email. You’ll be amazed at what’s possible when you add healing movements, healing foods and a healing mindset to your life.

I promise, your email is safe with us! I won't sell or share your email with other companies, I will respect your inbox - and if you ever decide you don't want to receive our emails anymore, you can unsubscribe at any time.

Now, you might wonder if you can get results
like what you’ve learned about…

Girl drinking Cacao Bliss.

You might wonder what your results will be when you use ALL of these ingredients simultaneously…

… and I understand if you’re still a bit skeptical because you’ve never tried it before.

That’s why I want to PROVE the power of Cacao Bliss at no risk to you.

I'm giving you a 60-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee…

You Love It Or You Don't Pay!

Guarantee badge.

That’s a FULL 60-days to test this formulation for yourself.

I want you to wake up, mix a cup of chocolate goodness, and watch as life's bumps start to melt away. I want you to feel an incredible sense of well-being and connection with the deepest part of your soul without reaching for something harmful.

That’s why I’m willing to risk my entire reputation by offering you the chance to enjoy Cacao Bliss for 60 full days with zero risk on your part. If you’re not satisfied for any reason during this time, just send back your order - even if it’s empty - and my customer support team will give you a prompt and speedy refund.

Guarantee badge.

Try it for yourself for 60 days, and if you’re not absolutely thrilled with Cacao Bliss… I insist we give you all your money back — yes, even if you’ve already used some Cacao Bliss!

Keep the pouch you opened, and just send back any unopened ones, and we’ll refund every penny (just pay shipping and handling).

Considering one of these ingredients was shown to support improve mood and energy the same day you drink it… then 60 days is plenty of time for you to feel the benefits*

I want you to feel confident as you get Cacao Bliss and experience all its benefits for yourself!

With a full supply of Cacao Bliss, you’ll be able to enjoy delicious recipes like cakes, brownies, ice creams, cookies, and more - completely guilt-free.

Collage. Collage. Collage.

You won’t find yourself reaching back for regular, harmful, processed chocolate…

Now that you have access to something that tastes amazing and makes you look and feel better.*

Remember that you can’t find anything close to Cacao Bliss in your local store. It took me years to find this raw, sun-kissed cacao, loaded with all of the incredible benefits that nature intended…

Cacao Bliss.

If you stock up or sign up to subscribe and save, you won’t have to worry about running out and having to miss your favorite Cacao Bliss mocha coffee – trust me, this stuff is addictive.

Not to mention that you’ll see faster results when you ensure you’re getting Cacao Bliss daily…

(Plus, your family and friends are going to want some too, because it tastes so good, and they’ll keep asking for more because they feel so good!)

Considering the quality of these ingredients, it’s perfectly reasonable to expect to pay $10 per day. Some large mocha drinks at coffee shops will run you nearly that much… and they can add jiggly fat.

$5 per day would be amazing, but you won’t need to pay nearly that much.

Depending on which package you choose, your daily Cacao Bliss experience can be as little as $1.33 per day.

And speaking of saving money, if you have a gym membership, you can cancel it…

… because the simple workouts I’m going to show you (included in your free gifts) can be done in the comfort of your home.

You can save money… and enjoy the secret
that has made such a difference for me,
my family, and my community…

… and I know you’re going to love it too.

Here’s how to get yours:


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per bag

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If you’re looking to get the most value while enjoying a delicious way to transform your body, I highly suggest taking me up on the FREE POUCH (a $79.95 value) I'm including in the family bundle today.

Whatever option you decide, you’ll enjoy the value of the four bonus gifts ($99.95 value). As a reminder of what you’ll receive today:


GIFT #1: The Cacao Lovers Cookbook is your new BFF to help you make the most of this powerful, decadent superfood.

It’s packed with all my favorite mouth-watering cacao recipes (including desserts that your family is going to LOVE without realizing how healthy they are!)

Enjoy chocolate every day, with NO guilt.

GIFT #2: And for the second gift… meditation is a huge part of my life, and how I stay centered on my vision, purpose, and heart.

Meditation can help to ease your daily stress, soothe your mind, and help you to experience those precious minutes of calm that many of us struggle to find for ourselves.

Which is why I am so thrilled to gift you with my two Cacao Meditations for additional bliss for your mind, body, and soul.

Fast burning recipes book.

GIFT #3: Fast Fat-Burning Recipes will give you every recipe you need for the extra weight to start coming off easily and effortlessly.

GIFT #4: And the 10-Day Gut Health Reset will help jumpstart your transformation when it seems like nothing else has worked.

Gut health reset book.

Again, these are valued together at $99.95 but I want you to experience all of these powerful benefits for yourself when you claim your Cacao Bliss today.

Because, to be frank, you don’t deserve to keep carrying around the pain that’s always lurked in the back of your mind.

  • You don’t deserve to hate what you see in the mirror…
  • You don’t deserve to feel like you need to hide from the world…
  • You don’t deserve to sob yourself to sleep at night…
  • You don’t deserve to feel like your life is over…
  • You don’t deserve to feel like you need to hide from the world…

But do you know what you do deserve?

  • To sleep well at night and wake up feeling refreshed and filled with energy…*
  • To see your figure get more toned…
  • To feel your clothes fit better…
  • To feel your joints getting more supple and smoother…*
  • And you deserve to feel your struggle and despair fade away…
  • You deserve to have the best experience of yourself.
  • Your loved ones deserve your healthiest, most loving version of you.
  • You deserve to feel outrageously good, with even more wonderful memories to look forward to.

You deserve to feel beautiful.
You deserve to feel sexy.

You deserve to be an inspiring example to your friends, colleagues, and family.


That’s why I’m so excited for you to try Cacao Bliss. Even if I can’t be there to see it, I’m going to be thinking about that smile of joy spreading across your face after you take your first sip…

After you use it… you’ll wonder why you ever bothered trying to transform your body without it.

You’ll feel so confident in how your energy is finally helping you feel better, and do more of the things you love…*

… while enjoying the peace of mind that this delicious treat is helping you to look and feel better and better as every day goes by.

Of course, combining all these powerhouse nutrients into a single daily dose of Cacao Bliss was a challenge. It wasn’t easy or cheap to find these rare ingredients.

In fact, if you were to buy these ingredients separately, it would cost over triple of the deal you can get on this page… and the quality wouldn’t be nearly as good.

Danette May.

I’m a big fan of checking in with my intuition and feeling how something could help me, when I’m considering a new choice.

As you feel into this for yourself, remember everything you’ve learned about these nutrients.

The groundbreaking science…

The real results…

Like the incredible benefits for promoting your fat-burning… energy levels… freedom from occasional cravings… focus support… and a happier mood.*

It makes you wonder what it will feel like to
enjoy these changes for yourself…


Take a moment to imagine what it will be like when your Cacao Bliss arrives in the mail.

As soon as you see the box waiting by your door, you excitedly grab it and take it inside. When you open the top, your personal Cacao Bliss supply will be waiting for you.

Bring one pouch to your kitchen, open it, and stir your first serving with the beverage of your choice (I personally love to drink it hot with coffee like a mocha!)

As soon as you do, you’ll nourish your body with ALL of the powerful nutrients you’ve learned about today. Every single one of them simultaneously.


Then, as each day goes by, you continue to nurture your body with these life-enhancing ingredients. I encourage you to keep track of how you start feeling and thinking differently.

How your previous temporary, exercise related aches and exhaustion begin to clear…*

How you can start turning on… and turning up… your focus…*

How you find yourself feeling happier, calmer, and having more loving, heartfelt time with your loved ones…

… and, of course, how your occasional cravings begin to virtually disappear and your fat-burning begins…*

Before you know it, you’ll have your own
“Cacao Bliss moment” when…

You’re sitting in your living room, enjoying a delicious mug of Cacao Bliss while happily chatting away with an old friend on the phone…

…and she says, “You know, you looked so good when we met up for lunch the other day! And I’ve never heard you sounding so happy! I don’t know what you’re doing, but you seem so full of life!”

And while her comment gives you a warm glow, you’ll also smile to yourself and remember how, instead of needing to relax after you met up…

…you felt so good that you finally went to that dance class you’ve always wanted to try…

…and amazed yourself with how much fun you had, and how good you felt doing it…

…and the way your husband has been giving you some extra attention lately hasn’t hurt, either.

In fact, all your relationships have been feeling better than ever, now that you have more energy and feel even more happy and connected…*

All because you made the choice to start enjoying all the benefits of Cacao Bliss.

How thrilling will it feel to see that this truly works?
And that you get to enjoy the benefits for as long as you want?

Your experience will be personal to you… but I’m sure it will feel very good.

And you can experience it for yourself by making a choice today.

Now is the time.


You could choose to leave this page and never experience Cacao Bliss for yourself.

This choice might lead to depriving your body even more… eating only a meal per day… trying to run for miles…

Going back to a plant-based diet… or intermittent fasting… eating more vegetables… low-fat… keto… cutting wheat… or trying to live on low-fat cottage cheese and carrot sticks… or whatever diet fad comes next…

Depriving yourself…

Kicking your stress hormone cortisol levels higher than ever…

… and gaining weight the moment you eat a few meals that you actually enjoy.

The fact is, when you try to force your body to lose weight by stressing yourself into eating less, your body will hoard fat.

You already know where this choice will lead you because you’ve already been there.

In short, one month… two months… three months from now… you’ll be stuck in the exact same spot.I don’t want that for you.

Wouldn’t you rather finally break free?

The other choice… is to finally give your body the magic of this special cacao and eat and move your body in a healthy way.


Feel it energize you and fill you with optimism on your very first day.*

Enjoy the ride of your boosted mood…*

Ignite and support your fat-burning metabolism…*

Smile as you throw away all your bland, boring and unsatisfying low-fat packaged foods…

Breathe a sigh of relief as you finally cherish, nourish, and love your body…

Enjoy moving your body and eating in a healthy way…

… and grin from ear to ear as you witness the pounds flying off.

Fat melting off like hot butter on a sizzling skillet…*

If you make this choice, you get to join a community of healthy, happy, supportive people.

Thousands have already been enjoying Cacao Bliss. Now it’s your turn.

We’ve come this far so it’s clear you’re serious about your future health.

collage. Collage. Collage.

Earlier, I talked about
tuning into your intuition.

Are you getting that excitement igniting within you like flint sparking?
The rush of new hope?
The relief of finally figuring out the final puzzle piece you need to transform your body?

If yes, follow your intuition…

It’s how I found the courage to travel all the way to Costa Rica and it’s how I found the strength to work on Cacao Bliss for years before finally releasing it.

You possess that courage and strength too.

Making the right choice is easy because Cacao Bliss is covered by a full 60-day money back guarantee, so you are taking no risk whatsoever.

Click the button below and fill out your shipping information on the next page.

Once you make your selection, we’ll begin packing your personal supply of Cacao Bliss and rush it your way. You’ll also receive instant access to your bonuses.

I highly recommend you do this now. In the past, we’ve sold out of supplies and, because of how rare some of the ingredients are, it took months to get back in stock.

Danette May.

You deserve to experience all the benefits for yourself.

Remember, you take zero risk. You either feel the difference or you can get a no-questions-asked refund.

Click the button below to get your supply of Cacao Bliss

… and start burning fat and loving yourself again.

Danette May. Signature.

Mom, Author, Coach


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chocolate lovers

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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I expect to see results?

You’ll feel results with your first try. And, if you follow the guidelines in the bonus gifts, you will see yourself beginning to slim down within days.*

Is Cacao Bliss natural and safe? Are there any chemicals?

Cacao Bliss is natural, safe, and has ZERO synthetic chemicals. It’s soy, dairy, and gluten-free. It’s created in a non-GMO facility.

How do I know if Cacao Bliss is right for me?

If you feel like the body you’ve always wanted is just out of reach because of your occasional cravings and your energy crashes in the afternoon, Cacao Bliss could be the missing link for you.

I urge you not to underestimate how much this could help.

After working as a personal trainer for over a decade, I’ve had women sob in my arms… I’ve felt their warm tears against my neck and their emotional pain radiating from every pore… because they hated their body.

So, when I say this cacao can help you, I mean it.

How is Cacao Bliss different from the fancy chocolates at the grocery store?

That’s a great question. A close friend of mine used to pride himself on buying those dark chocolate bars for $3.50 a pop and telling himself how healthy they were.

That meant he spent close to $100 per month on chocolate bars alone. So I had to break the news to him…

… that even the expensive dark chocolate products are still heavily processed and stripped of their nutrients.

Yes, even the organic chocolate bars that claim “72% cacao” or even “90% cacao” on their label.

It’s a dead food that can add dead weight to your body.

Fortunately, my friend was smart enough to listen and switched to getting Cacao Bliss conveniently delivered straight to his home. He’s feeling so much healthier and is enjoying the money he’s saving!

If that weren’t enough, Cacao Bliss is infused with the special MCT oil for upgraded fat-burning power… turmeric for joint health and help maintaining a healthy inflammation response… and cinnamon for help responding to carbs.* Quite frankly, there’s nothing else like it – nothing comes close to Cacao Bliss.

I’ve had ‘healthy’ chocolate before, and it didn’t taste good. Is Cacao Bliss different?

Almost all so-called “healthy” chocolate available is flavored with stevia and sugar alcohols like xylitol or erythritol. They’re cheap, easy to use… and hit you with a nasty aftertaste.

Plus, sugar alcohols can cause nausea and diarrhea.

Cacao Bliss has ZERO stevia and ZERO sugar alcohols. It’s perfectly flavored with cinnamon, monk fruit, coconut nectar, lucuma, mesquite, a tiny amount of organic cocoa powder, and Himalayan salt.

How often should I use Cacao Bliss?

I highly recommend that you enjoy it at least once per day. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it’s mandatory. After all, you’ll want the raw cacao, MCT oil, turmeric, and cinnamon flowing through your body as often as possible…

So you can enjoy the benefits to your energy, mood, and metabolism.*

However, I personally use it more. So do my most successful clients. We use Cacao Bliss in our morning coffee and then forget about food for hours. Then, we’ll use Cacao Bliss for a hearty, decadent dessert.

With that kind of meal plan, and the amount of energy we feel to exercise, we can’t help but get and stay slim. We honestly couldn’t gain weight even if we tried, as long as we stick to the plan.

To sum it up, I recommend starting with one serving per day and then experiment with a second.

How does your money back guarantee work?

You have a full 60 days to try out Cacao Bliss risk-free.

If you’re not absolutely thrilled with Cacao Bliss… I insist we give you all your money back — yes, even if you’ve been using Cacao Bliss for weeks! Keep the pouch you opened, and just send back any unopened ones, and we’ll refund every penny (just pay shipping and handling).

Considering one of these ingredients was shown to improve your mood and energy the same day you drink it… then 60 days is plenty of time for you to feel the benefits.

Will Cacao Bliss work for someone my age?

I’ve had clients in their NINETIES rave about Cacao Bliss.

No matter how old you are, all that stands between you and feeling like a new person is your decision to make it happen.

Quite frankly, you might find that the older you are, the more you feel the difference.

Will I truly get the bonuses for FREE?

Yes, today you can get:

Cacao Lovers Cookbook

Cacao Meditations

Fast Fat-Burning Recipes

10-Day Gut Health Reset

Even though these have a total value of $99.95, you can get them free with Cacao Bliss today.

They will be delivered to the email account of your choice.

What’s the best way to get Cacao Bliss?

Just below, click on the picture of how many pouches you’d like to start with (I recommend 3 or 6 to get momentum going on your transformation).

After that, you’ll reach the special, secure page for your shipping info. Once you fill that out, your Cacao Bliss will be rushed to you and you’ll receive all 4 bonuses in your email inbox.

Then… just a few short days from now… when Cacao Bliss arrives at your door, use the measuring spoon inside the pouch to mix a serving in coffee…

Or water…

Or almond milk…

Or even heavy whipping cream to make chocolate pudding… or follow one of the recipes in the Cacao Lovers Cookbook you’re getting as a gift.

Enjoy how it energizes you and can help satisfy your sweet tooth.*

Go ahead and reserve your supply right now and I look forward to hearing about how your mind, body, and spirit transform.


1 Pouch Monthly



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